Thursday, January 17, 2013

Lycurgus Group To Conduct Feasibility Study To Examine Linkage of Dispatch and Emergency/Public Safety Communication Systems. The Lycurgus Group will be conducting a feasibility study for the City of Wilmington and Clinton County to examine current dispatch and emergency/public safety communication systems to determine if potential synergies may exist that would allow shared services for the City and County. Currently, the Partners maintain separate public safety dispatch services which are not linked. The Partners goal is to provide timely and reliable service delivery and are committed to working together to best serve the area population in a borderless manner in emergency situations. The feasibility study would clarify and analyze all the existing contracts, systems, and protocols currently in use countywide, related to dispatch and communications for fire, policy and EMS services and the various organizations. This study is expected to provide a comprehensive overview of the public safety dispatch and compare and contrast the systems and protocols to objectively determine potential areas for greater collaboration and potential for shared service opportunities. The feasibility study will demonstrate if the shared services could result in significant cost savings for the Partners, while maintaining the benefits of multiple physical locations. More than the financial or dollar savings, the feasibility study will afford the Partners the opportunity to explore shared staffing and equipment in order to provide greater quality of services to the community at a lower cost.
Lycurgus Group Launches Polygraph Services The Lycurgus Group has added the in-house ability to conduct discrete and confidential polygraph examinations. Polygraphs are performed under the supervision of David Conley, Vice President. Conley is an experienced investigator and former Deputy Director of the Ohio Investigative Unit with thirty years of law enforcement experience. Conley is a certified polygraph examiner. A polygraph examination can be extremely valuable in case preparation and litigation. It is the most accurate means available for determining the truth or deception of a person answering a direct question. Department of Defense and various U.S. Government studies concluded that that when a qualified examiner conducts the test properly, the polygraph examination is between 87 and 95 percent accurate. Other tests, such as Computerized Voice Stress Analyzer (CVSA), are not as accurate. The Lycurgus Group provides polygraph examinations in both the criminal and civil context, and both before and during litigation. As a small firm, we have the ability to custom tailor examinations to our clients individual needs. An example of some of the most frequently sought services would be:  Criminal (including theft, murder, etc.)  Civil (including infidelity, divorce and child custody)  Post-Conviction Sexual Offenders Testing (PCSOT)  Pre-Employment and Post-Employment Screening as per E.P.P.A. standards. The Lycurgus Group brings the perspective of experienced law enforcement investigators to assist criminal defense attorneys in helping clients to avoid problems and, if necessary, crafting a strategic response to allegations. Our team includes commissioned law enforcement officers, including an elected Sheriff and former Superintendent of...

Joshua Adam Engel

Vice President and General Counsel, Lycurgus Group

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