Monday, December 03, 2012

Lycurgus Group Report on Harry Smith Murder Released by Family A report by the Lycurgus Group supports a family’s request that a state investigative agency take the lead in the investigation of the beating death of 89-year-old Harry Smith at his home in 2011. The report was released by Smith’s family. Various newspapers covered the release of the Lycurgus Group report, including the Columbus Dispatch and Channel 10. The report by the Lycurgus Group includes information about Smith’s death as well as interviews with witnesses and persons of interest. The rport also addressed the family's concerns about how the investigation was handled. According to media reports, the report notes different interviews, including two conducted in June of the two passersby who helped Smith’s family pull him from a fire at his home. Both witnesses said they never had been interviewed by the sheriff's office. Under recommendations, the report reads: "Lycurgus Group believes the investigation has not been handled properly by the Ross County Sheriff's Office. It appears there was an unreasonable delay in obtaining a cause of death from the Coroner's Office and a declaration that the fire likely was an arson from the State Fire Marshall. While this delay may not have been entirely the fault of the Sheriff's Office, the investigation did not reveal that the Sheriff's Office made significant efforts to resolve the delay." The Lycurgus Group report also said it thinks the case “cannot be solved nor will a successful prosecution be possible unless some internal processes are changed” and cautions that the recommendations were made...
Notre Dame Already Facing Criticism for Te'o Investigation. Conflict of Interest Cited. Notre Dame Fighting Irish linebacker Manti has claimed that he was duped into an online relationship with a woman whose "death" from leukemia was faked by perpetrators of an elaborate hoax. More on the Lycurgus Group Sports Compliance Group. The hoax was disclosed by, which posted an in-depth story claiming that the woman ever existed. The story suggests a Te’o may have been responsible for the hoax. Te’o claims to be a victim. Notre Dame athletic director Jack Swarbrick said at a news conference that Te'o informed the school that he was the victim of a hoax e girl in early December. Notre Dame believes Te’o. The school has said that it conducted an investigation to look into the incident. However, the results of the investigation will not be turned over the law enforcement, and Notre Dame does not plan to release the findings of its investigation. Already, the Notre Dame investigation is coming under significant criticism. On ESPN radio, Mike Golic suggested that the investigation may be criticized for lack of true independence: There are many that will say, Okay. Notre Dame did an investigation and – and you know, I’m good with that. But . . . there are others that are going to say well, Wait a minute Notre Dame did an investigation about their own person. How much did they – how much did it really entail because they’re protecting their own person. Listen, I went to Notre Dame and . . . I love...

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