Monday, March 12, 2012

Lycurgus Group Provides Support for Local Government Innovation Fund Grant Application The Lycurgus Group has been asked to assist the City of Wilmington and Clinton County in the preparation of a grant application submitted to the Ohio Department of Development. The Local Government Innovation Fund grant is for the purpose of studying and funding projects that enhance collaboration among local governments and their services. The Lycurgus Group has proposed to study and identify opportunities for multiagency coordination in Clinton County in public safety communications and dispatching, including 911 operations. As former law enforcement officials who have worked in both the local and state level, the leadership of the Lycurgus Group understands the needs of law enforcement, the possibilitities for gains in efficiency and cost savings, and the impact that coordination could have on improving law enforcement and emergency response. In order to develop appropriate recommendations for public safety communications and dispatch services, the Lycurgus group will employ best practices to assist decisions-makers management to develop appropriate public safety communications and dispatch services plans. An evidence-based approach will be applied to identify best practices in all facets of public safety communications and dispatch services, including resource allocation, deployment, and long-term strategic approaches. Once best practices are determined, the Lycurgus Group will determine if the practices are appropriate in light of local laws, agency policies, and community realities. The Wilmington News Journal has reported on the application, and noted that the project has the support of the Mayor of Wilmington and the Clinton County Sheriff. The Lycurgus Group provides investigative and public safety...

Joshua Adam Engel

Vice President and General Counsel, Lycurgus Group

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